Traditional Metal Braces

Straighten your teeth at an affordable price!

Traditional metal braces – thanks to today's technology and orthodontic processes – are smaller, sleeker, less noticeable, and more comfortable than ever. At Astoria Family Orthodontics, our braces utilize stainless steel metal brackets and arch wires which are custom-designed with your comfort in mind. This treatment option provides a variety of benefits, and will help eliminate problems that you currently experience with eating, speaking, and even dental hygiene!

Advantages of Traditional Braces

  • Least expensive option for teeth alignment
  • Moves your teeth quicker and less painfully by using heat-activated arch wires
  • Color customization options for a unique smile

Constricted Maxilla & Crowding. Crowding & Overbite.

Sean came to the office too see about his overbite and crowded front teeth. We showed Sean how to wear his headgear every night to help reduce his overbite along with his braces. He has been a GREAT patient so far and we look forward to seeing the final result.

Luka came in concerned about the overlapping of his front teeth and his narrow upper arch. We treated him initially with an expander which gave him a beautiful wide arch and is now in braces aligning his crowded teeth. It’s a pleasure to follow Luka as he grows up and see his teeth continue to align!

— Dr. Varriale

I really like the people at Astoria Family Orthodontics. They told me that I had an overbite and my teeth were crowded. Now I have my braces and my teeth are moving! It’s really neat how it works.

My parents noticed that my teeth were not growing in right. So they took me to Astoria Family Orthodontics. I was so happy to get them fixed. The doctors and team were really great and treated me like family.

— Sean & Luka

Impacted central incisor (top front tooth)

When we first met Alden he was a young boy with many baby teeth, unsure why his front permanent teeth were not erupting. His front teeth were impacted (stuck underneath the gums) and rotated! Alden had to get two of his front teeth exposed (gums removed around the tooth) and then had a gold chain placed on the teeth for us to bring the teeth in. Alden was a trooper and got through it and can smile big with all of his front teeth perfectly aligned!

— Dr. Varriale

My experience with AFO was amazing. They treated my like family and always made me feel welcomed. I will never forget what they did for me and how kind they always were.

— Alden

Constricted maxilla & crowding

Having Mariana as a patient was a blast! She always came to her appointments with such enthusiasm and excitement, which was a joy to be around. Since she has been in retainers, we don’t see her as much and we miss her. But we are so happy to have been able to give her smile such an amazing transformation. Now when she shows her beautiful wide smile she truly shines from the inside and out.

— Dr. Varriale

Before I got braces, I was reluctant to smile and was embarrassed about the big gap between my two front teeth. I also had an overbite and knew I needed braces but was a little worried about how I'd look with them on. At my first visit, I felt very welcomed. I then had no doubt I wanted to get my braces at AFO. I had such a wonderful experience there, including making many fun memories with the incredible staff. Thank you guys so much!

— Mariana

Flared, protruding incisors

Jasmine was concerned about her extremely crooked back teeth and the inability to clean them as well as her protruding front teeth. With the ability to use a TAD (mini screw) we were able to bring her teeth back so that they are no longer protruding. She is now extremely excited about her new smile that she is now able to floss around each tooth properly.

— Dr. Lopatkin

I was not excited about getting braces, but really needed them. The team at AFO was incredible. They analyzed my situation and reviewed my options with me. They also answered my concerns about the impact it would have on my life. I am so pleased with the results that I can’t recommend them enough! Great office and great treatment.

— Jasmine

Spaces & Crooked teeth

Jeannine was concerned about spaces she had from previous extractions- that they were unsightly and that all of her teeth were shifting because of them. She was thrilled to find out that all her spaces could be closed without the need for false tooth replacements and the result just makes her smile all day.

— Dr. Lopatkin

I was embarrassed by my smile and knew I needed help. I found AFO online and went in for my consultation. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I was immediately at ease as Dr. Lopatkin took a look. I felt I had made the right choice, but I was absolutely certain when my braces came off! I am ecstatic over the results, smiling constantly!

— Jeannine