Tooth Alignment for Orthognathic Surgery

Prepare perfectly for orthodontic surgery.

Sometimes, conventional orthodontic treatments such as braces, headgear, or retainers aren't enough to fix jaw and teeth issues. In these cases, surgical orthodontic care is needed. Performed in conjunction with non-surgical orthodontic treatment, surgical orthodontics can correct these problems and improve the overall appearance of the facial profile. Since each case in unique, each surgical procedure and recovery will differ from patient to patient.

The best candidates for surgical orthodontics are adults whose jaw and teeth cannot be treated solely by traditional orthodontic options like braces and Invisalign. Generally, surgical orthodontics is performed only on adults whose jawbones are no longer growing. Adults with severe cases of improper bites and those with facial appearance concerns can be considered for this surgery.

Surgical orthodontics can help with the following conditions

  • Bad bites
  • Jaw bone abnormalities
  • Malocclusion or the abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth

Retruded upper jaw & protruded lower jaw

Jeremy came into our office concerned about his open bite, because he was unable to bite into food with his front teeth. We aligned Jeremy’s teeth with clear ceramic braces. With the braces on, we sent Jeremy for orthognathic surgery, where they moved his upper and lower jaws into their proper position, and also closed his bite. Now, Jeremy is all done with treatment and in retainers with balanced facial structure AND he can finally bite into a sandwich! We are so happy that we could help create such a lifestyle change for Jeremy.

— Dr. Lopatkin

I was in the process of getting major jaw surgery. Before doing so, however, I had to make sure my teeth and smile were properly aligned. I chose AFO because it was highly recommended by one of the best oral surgeons. The doctors and staff were extremely helpful in making sure the process went smoothly. I am so satisfied with the results and it most definitely boosted my confidence.

— Jeremy