Braces. Reinvented.

Get the efficacy of traditional braces, with the aesthetics superior to Invisalign in a single product, all in a self-driving personalized device that is made specifically for you and your smile.

InBrace uses patented self driving Gentleforce technology to guide your teeth to their ideal position. This means fewer discomfort events - no more painful tightenings, no more forcing your teeth into a plastic mold every two weeks.

The fundamental inspiration for InBrace is efficient tooth movement. Our InBrace Smartwires minimize the tooth movement required to achieve your smile, this efficiency can reduce treatment time by months, and in some cases years for the most advanced cases.

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A better way to a perfect smile

  • Actually invisible
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Less discomfort
  • Sound Science + Innovation

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Chapter 1: Benefits of Treatment
Chapter 2: What Is InBrace and How It Works
Chapter 3: Real Patient Testimonials

Upper and Lower Crowding

When we got the honor of being selected as 1 of only 100 offices in the world to get to use this brand new exciting technology we couldn't wait to use it. After seeing the results with Charlotte we are even more proud to be able to deliver this treatment to our family of patients. Charlotte had teeth overlapping that the InBrace technology straightened out with movement built right into the wire so that meant shorter treatment time and less visits to the office, all while being completely invisible. Now her teeth are beautifully straight and she can confidently show off her smile for the rest of her life!

— Dr. Varriale

I came to Astoria Family Orthodontics because my upper and lower teeth were overlapping each other and it made me self-conscious at work and among friends. As an adult, I didn’t want anything that people could see, such as braces and even Invisalign, I felt that it would make me feel more embarrassed when people saw me smile. I am so happy that I found an office that uses InBrace! I could not be happier with my treatment. My teeth straightened out to where I can smile confidently and no one even knew I was getting orthodontic treatment because the braces were completely hidden behind my teeth. I would recommend InBrace to everyone!

— Charlotte