Clear Ceramic Braces

Straighten your teeth with clear braces for a cleaner look!

Clear ceramic braces are worn on the front of your teeth, just like standard metal braces. However, the material used is clear and made to blend in perfectly with their natural color. When you choose this treatment option from our orthodontists at Astoria Family Orthodontics, you can reap the benefits of having a better smile while remaining inconspicuous as you go about your daily life.

Advantages of Clear Ceramic Braces

  • Harder and more durable than traditional metal braces
  • Equally as effective as traditional metal braces
  • Unable to stain

Upper spacing and rotations

Zulaima was self-conscious every time she smiled because she had a gap between her front teeth along with rotations. She was in high school and wanted a more aesthetic option than traditional metal braces. She was thrilled when she found out we had clear braces that wouldn’t be as noticeable to her peers. She is almost done and her confidence already radiates the room!

— Dr. Lopatkin

I needed the best smile possible. Numerous positive reviews led me to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Varriale at Astoria Family Orthodontics. I was impressed with the fact I wasn’t being ‘sold to’ heavily, nor brushed off as just another patient – but instead I was being listened to as if I was family. I started treatment with clear braces. I am so extremely happy with the results! My friends are constantly telling me how much they love my smile.

— Zulaima

Crowding & Crooked Teeth. Lower Incisor Crowding.

Amra was concerned about the overlapping of her lower front teeth. She also wanted a more cosmetic option because she was concerned about the look of metal braces. She was thrilled to find out that we had the option of clear ceramic braces and so far her teeth have already started straightening out and we can not wait to see the finished product.

Hanka was concerned that her front fangs stuck out too far. Although she has not yet completed treatment she sees the tremendous improvement in her smile, and we love seeing her every visit and watching it transform.

— Dr. Lopatkin

I needed an extraction of my lower central incisor. After the extraction, I had a huge gap that was very visible every time I opened my mouth. I was so insecure but Dr. Lopatkin and Dr. Varriale helped get rid of the gap in just two visits! I’m halfway through my treatment and my teeth look great!

I just recently started my treatment and needed to get teeth removed for the process to work well before I could put on my wires. I got them removed and got my wires on quickly and efficiently thanks to Dr. Lopatkin and staff. Can’t wait to see the final results!

— Amra & Hanka