Welcome to our family-oriented orthodontic practice!

Our office has a solid reputation for providing the highest quality orthodontic treatment in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens. Dr. Lopatkin and Dr. Varriale are both orthodontic specialists. They are board certified orthodontists by the American Board of Orthodontics. This national certification is determined by a vigorous examination process and is the highest recognition in the field of Orthodontics.

The goal of our orthodontic team is to deliver the most beautiful, healthy smiles possible in a professional, yet relaxed and caring environment. We provide treatment that is backed by solid, scientific research in order to achieve the highest outcomes. Astoria Family Orthodontics is state-of-the-art while offering a fun, family-oriented atmosphere.

Our board certified orthodontists

Dr. Robert Lopatkin

A history of good work in the community

Meet Dr. Lopatkin

Dr. Jill Varriale

Board certified orthodontist and New York native

Meet Dr. Varriale

Dr. Bahn Yah Moon

Creating beautiful smiles for your life

Meet Dr. Moon

Meet our friendly, talented team

We really do care about you and your treatment experience. That's why we insist on a friendly atmosphere, personal attention to your results, and have such friendly staff.


Office Manager + Dental Hygienist

Linda is the mother of 3 beautiful boys and is happily married. In her free time, she enjoys cooking for her family, exercising and reading about history. Working for AFO as a dental hygienist and office manager has been a blessing for her, not only because Dr. Lopatkin and Dr. Varriale are so pleasant to work with, but because she's grown as a human being, doing what she loves, working in the field that she has a passion for.


Dental Hygienist

I have been working as a registered dental hygienist for AFO for over 20 years. I am married and live on Long Island with my wonderful husband and my three beautiful kids. When I’m not helping to create beautiful smiles at AFO I enjoy vacationing, shopping and watching my kids play sports.


Dental Assistant

Johanna has been working with AFO for over 10 years. She enjoys coming into work and being able to serve our patients and address all of their needs. Seeing them walk out satisfied with our service really makes her day! Her days usually start with a nice BIG cup of coffee :). This is her fuel to jump start her day and help her get through any obstacle that’s put in my way.


Dental Hygienist

Priscilla has been in the dental field for over 10 years. What she loves about working at AFO the most is the diversity of our patients, and watching them evolve from their first visit. She enjoys going to sporting events, but unfortunately for her, she's the only yankee fan on staff!


Insurance Coordinator

What Mercedes loves the most about working with AFO and the patients here is the family-like atmosphere in the office. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family.


Financial Coordinator

Giselle has been employed at AFO for a few years now. She loves interacting with patients and getting to know them personally. She also loves traveling, and has a list of countries she would like to visit as soon as possible.


Treatment Coordinator

Alexis has been with AFO for a few years now, starting as a scheduling coordinator and eventually transitioning to treatment coordinator. With efficiency and enthusiasm, she communicates with many new and existing patients every week. You will often see her singing and dancing around to whatever is on the radio at the time. But don’t worry – it helps her work better! No one is more happy to work with our new patients than her!


Records Technician

As the records tech, Fatima's passion about the job is meeting new patients every day, talking to them and learning more about them. She likes working at AFO because the vibe is awesome. She has never worked in an office where the doctors and staff care about their patients, but also lookout for one another... teamwork to the max! In her free time she likes shopping and taking long walks.



One of the reasons why Leticia loves working at AFO is that it feels like home. The doctors and team are awesome! What she enjoys the most is helping others. And in this field, she has the ability to bring that alive. On her days off, she loves listening to music.